maybe they don't want to tell yet who is casted as her bcs they know she is important, like they are saving her for the end? - Anonymous

i really hope so she’s a ridiculous character to cut so that could make sense! 

Ok, no one knows if they officially cut Arianne and Quentyn, as far as I'm concerned. She wasn't on the list but I don't think all the new characters were there. At least there is still a chance, right? Aside from Doran, the cast didn't fit any of my thoughts but yeah, maybe Arianne and Quentyn will be better (if they will be anything at all). Sorry for my English, just trying to think positive. - Anonymous

(your english is absolutely perfect no need to apologise!)
it seems really odd to unveil all these actors casted for the martells and not arianne though? and why would they name trystane as the heir?? it didn’t fit any of mine either actually at all i’m not one for fancasting but i wouldn’t have chosen any of them but good points i absolutely hope you’re right positivity can’t hurt :)

but arianne is SO important????? like really genuinely pov chapter important???????? if you’re going to cut anyone why would you ever cut her???????

jaimescersei replied to your post: “wait wait wait has myrcella been officially recast???”:
yup and they also cut arianne isnt that so great

this is the least funny joke i’ve ever heard

wait wait wait has myrcella been officially recast???

Valar Morghulis! Lannisters must die - almejandria


"I was such a rule follower at school. I loved the whole slacker look, like, ‘Hey, I don’t care, whatever,’ but if I didn’t turn my homework in, I would panic."

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"I want the audience to think that Finn understands Rae and that’s the type of girl he’s looking for and they both get on with each other in the same way and both love each others company, and they love music and all that kind of thing.”

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I so badly needed to self-destruct. the unbecoming of mara dyer, michelle hodkin

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Sansa Stark per episode  season one, episode five

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